Board Meeting Management – How to Keep Your Board Meetings Dynamic and Energetic

Board meetings are an important part of good business governance and are often the most useful information for companies. There are many ways board meetings could become inefficient or even unproductive. This article will offer simple suggestions to help keep your company’s board meetings lively and energetic.

Punctuality and Preparation

It’s crucial to start the board meetings on time, and ensure that participants have the materials they need to read ahead of the start of the meeting. The inability of participants to keep track of the discussion due to a lack of background information or context is the most frequent reason why board meetings are ineffective. The board must also communicate the agenda in a clear manner to all participants at least three or four days prior to the meeting (or earlier) to allow them to prepare and go through it.

Maintaining productivity requires that you adhere to the schedules of the meetings as stated in the agenda. This will show the participants that the board respects their professionalism and understands the importance of their time. The chairperson or moderator needs to be constantly monitoring the meeting and gently guiding the discussions to ensure that every agenda item can be discussed and the meeting concludes at the right time.

It is also crucial to prioritize the most critical items on the agenda. This will avoid wasting the majority of the meeting’s time on long reports and issues that are not controversial and could have been dealt with by the CEO, management team or other committees.






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